Recharge Prepaid Mobile Accounts Faster

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Hack!, Technical, Uncategorized
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I got a very simple idea when I was recharging my mobile using the normal way, scratching a card to get a secret code and either calling recharging automated service or requesting a shorthand like in Vodafone *858*secretcode#

I suggest adding the shorthand substituted with the secret code as a QR code!
Then when I scratch the card I get the QR code as an alternative way to recharge besides the code for manual recharging.

The motivation is that most of phones now have built-in QR readers or it can be installed as a third-part application, which will quickly translates the QR code to the correspondent code and you can quickly call it!

Vodafone Egypt Example:
The shorthanded code to charge with secret code *858*12345678901234#
The Generated QR code:

What do you think?

  1. Ahmed Kamal says:

    but would that trigger the phone to “dial” the number ?

  2. Emad Mokhtar says:

    When you redeem Apple gift card in the app store you can use you camera to capture the number instead of typing it, which is pain because the code is complicated.
    I think this idea is great but they need to make sure that the QR code will not be affected when the consumer scratch it.

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